Time traveling on Staten Island, N.Y.

I always considered myself a big fan of Back to the Future series -- then I met Sal Sportiello.

This 41-year-old father of two spent four years recreating the famous DeLorean time machine. He didn't simply glue some pieces of plastic to an old car -- he  meticulously studied the movies and figured out the precise parts used on the car originally featured in the movies. An impressive task considering he had to track down impossible-to-find items such as a jet turbine engine and a naval transmitter for his "flux capacitor."

I first saw Sal and his DeLorean parked outside an auto parts store on Staten Island and knew I had to do a story on his creation. As someone who has loved the film trilogy all my life, riding around the streets of Port Richmond in a prefect recreation was definitely a highlight of my reporting career.

Read the complete story here, and check out the video below.


Staten Island, where the fishing is good

Buono Beach: Rosebank, NY. 

While out on an assignment near the Alice Austen House on Staten Island, I noticed some people fishing along the small, slightly polluted strip of beach that borders the property. The group of family and friends told me they fish their often, and sometimes even cook up their catch of the day.

Kevin Wagner Jr., 26, of West Brighton, reeling in a catch.

Kevin Wagner Jr., 26, of West Brighton, holding up his catch. He said sometimes they'll keep the fish to eat, and other times they'll let it go.

Angel Rodriguez travels from his home in Grasmere a few times a week to fish on Buono Beach. He too enjoys eating the striped bass, although he'll usually toss back the blue fish. 

Heart-shaped pigeons

On my way to cover a gala at Borough Hall in St. George, I noticed these two pigeons staring at one another. Their bodies formed an oddly shaped heart. Not wanting to interrupt whatever weird bird courtship this might have been, I lowered my shutter and snapped a photo.


But I was too loud. One looked at me, then turned and flew away. Their special moment ruined by a reporter and his camera.